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SmartPhone FlashTool SP Flash Tool(SmartPhone FlashTool) is a software for flashing MediaTek Android deviced by MediaTek Inc and distributed as a freeware. SP Flash Tool is compatible for writting flash to all MediaTek devices.

SP Flash Tool's build-in guide

Sp flash tool comes with a build-in guide on how to use the tool on all supported domaims. This can be found in the welcome page of the dashboard.

build-in guide

Uses of sp flash tool

As mentioned above, this tool permits you to write the flash of you MediaTek(MTK) Android. Also you can do lot more of stuffs with it like:

  • Perform a backup of your rom(read flash)
  • Remove Factory Reset Protection(frp) by flashing the frp file for your device.
  • Root your devices via flashing a pre-rooted firmware(custom rom) 
  • Application for Fixing Bricked device.
  • Advanced Memory testing and verifying.
  • Read / Write parameters
  • Erasing / Formatting / Reset Your MTK based device

What is required to use this tool?

  •  A PC or lapto
  • A USB cable
  • Android MTK drivers(Get here)

Supported platforms 

  • Windows

How to use

Please visit our tutorial section to see how to use this tool for flashing, backing up and bypassing frp.

Where to get SP Flash Tool v5.1708

Download from the link below sp flash tool v5.1728 or get version 5.1708 from here

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